Racist or Not Racist? Black nurses not being allowed to take care of white patients


According to WSBTV.com, four black nurses are suing their nursing company because they say black nurses are not being sent to take care of white patients. In their lawsuit the nurses claim that this is a violation of their civil rights. Read the full story here at wsbtv.com. In my humble opinion, I think it [...]

RACIST OR NOT RACIST? Black Man Claims $300k House For $16

Okay, since it seems that many people think everything that happens is either racist, sexist, or some other ist, I decided to use my blog to weigh in with MY OPINION. That’s right, it’s what I think because in actuality, unless it’s obvious racist talk like that of Michele Bachman and her crew, only the [...]

RACIST OR NOT RACIST? Michele Bachmann & Steve King Show Their True Racist Colors Talking About President Obama and Black Farmers

It’s sad to admit in America in 2011 but racists are alive and being paid to pass on their racist views. This video is old but I’m just seeing it (thanks to EURWeb.com) and I have to say it’s some of the most racist speech I’ve heard of late. It’s unbelievable that these people have [...]

Letterman, Bob Schieffer, Chris Matthews, Juan Williams call Trumps words racist Cher calls him “A–Hole” #dumptrump

Edrea Davis

Edrea Davis – Pompous, self-serving, Donald Trump is so stuck on himself and wound up in his own world he probably doesn’t realize that some negative media attention won’t help his brand. I have video from several high-profile people who reject Trump’s latest antics. I don’t know if Donald Trump is actually a racist since [...]

Do President Obama’s Opponents Believe Their Own Hype? Not Really…

Edrea Davis

Does anyone think for a minute that The Donald really believes that President Obama was not born in America? I doubt it. However, I’m sure somewhere cold will freeze over before Mr. “You’re Fired” Trump admits that he knows the President is a US born citizen. Like Trump, most of the people spewing anti-Obama rhetoric [...]

“Pull Your Pants Up” Legislation Passes from Senate in Florida

Edrea Davis

I’m one of those people who thinks government is doing a little too much intruding in our lives. Too much regulation keeps government workers employed but doesn’t do much else. This Florida bill will prohibit students from wearing clothing that exposes their butt.  What in the world? Some schools require uniforms and others have very [...]

Are whites racially oppressed?

Edrea Davis

I don’t know about White people being “oppressed,” but I would say “misunderstood.” I think it’s a great idea to have courses in White Studies because White people have gone through some dramatic changes over the years. They’ve gone from being in favor to out of favor. There are 25-year-old White people that could never [...]

The GOP wants Obama out, but offers no good replacements

Edrea Davis

Is there a Republican out there with political skills to go up against President Obama? Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels or Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour? Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post breaks it down… For all their bluster about making Barack Obama a [...]

Obama’s Meeting With Black Leaders: A Little Too Laid-Back

Edrea Davis

Thanks to Cynthia Gordy of TheRoot.com for asking the tough questions after President Obama met with a group of African-American “advisers”. It’s not helping the Black community to see so many of their “leaders” so happy to roll up in the White House they don’t question how the decision’s made by this administration impact Black [...]

Obama’s Economic Philosophy by Michael Likosky

Edrea Davis

In his commentary about President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night, Michael Likosky, does an excellent job of breaking down the US economy pre-Obama and now. American’s need to recognize that the economic crisis did not start with President Obama or with the mortgage meltdown. It didn’t start with President Bush either. I [...]

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