U.S. Supreme Court orders massive inmate release to relieve California’s crowded prisons

Prison Cell

By David G. Savage and Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California must remove tens of thousands of inmates from its prison rolls in the next two years, and state officials vowed to comply, saying they hoped to do so without setting any criminals free. Administration officials expressed confidence [...]

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday: Is the Drug War the Next Big Civil Rights Issue?

ML King, Jr

With Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday approaching, we are forced to draw connections between the war on drugs and the disintegration of low-income and black communities in America.  As Dr. King so poignantly reminds us in his critique of the Vietnam War, “a time comes when silence is betrayal.” With many communities disparately impacted by [...]

GOP Leaders Speak Out for Prison Reform: First Rev. Pat Robertson and Now Newt Gingrich

Uncle Sam Prison Poster

By Tony Newman, AlterNet – At a time when Democrats and Republicans are having a difficult time agreeing on anything, let’s hope that we can come together to help end America’s longest, unwinnable war. For the second time in less than a month, a major conservative leader has spoken out for prison reform. First there [...]

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