Racist or Not Racist? Black nurses not being allowed to take care of white patients


According to WSBTV.com, four black nurses are suing their nursing company because they say black nurses are not being sent to take care of white patients. In their lawsuit the nurses claim that this is a violation of their civil rights. Read the full story here at wsbtv.com. In my humble opinion, I think it [...]

RACIST OR NOT RACIST? Michele Bachmann & Steve King Show Their True Racist Colors Talking About President Obama and Black Farmers

Edrea Davis

It’s sad to admit in America in 2011 but racists are alive and being paid to pass on their racist views. This video is old but I’m just seeing it (thanks to EURWeb.com) and I have to say it’s some of the most racist speech I’ve heard of late. It’s unbelievable that these people have [...]

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