Video Interview with Hosts of Pool Party in McKinney, Tx Busted Up by a Gun Wielding Cop in a Frenzy


E Johnson (@ejohnsoniv on instagram @ejcreoleboy on twitter) interviews 19-year-old Tatiana and her mother — hosts of the now infamous pool party in McKinney, Tx — about what started the incident that led to the melee between teens attending the party and police responding to a call. Here’s the video of the melee that ensued [...]

Straight Outta Compton Casting Call Is Probably the Most Racist One Ever


( It looks as though production is under way for Universal Studio’s N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. Last month it was announced that former group member Ice Cube is producing the movie with fellow member Dr. Dre and Eazy-E’s widow, Tomica Woods-Wright. Director of the film F. Gary Gray described the script as a “dramatic [...]

Oops!! You Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover! White Man Slaps Black Woman–Turns Out She’s A Judge

judge_hubbard – A white small business owner in Chicago may find himself missing some days at work soon. There’s a good chance he’ll be standing in front of the very woman he spit on and slapped. Only thing is, this time she’ll be wearing a robe. He is facing some very serious charges after allegedly [...]

Political Correctness Has Run Amok – CBS Atlanta Journalist Michelle Burdo Should Not be reprimanded for Using the Term “Colored”


Please, make it STOP! I can’t take another minute of the bickering about politically correct language. This time it appears that a journalist, Michelle Burdo, from CBS Atlanta slipped up and said she wasn’t “Colored” while doing a segment on natural hairstyles. Call the Feds… clearly it’s a plot by CBS to oppress Blacks/African Americans, [...]

California Highway Patrol Officer Beats Woman on the Side of Freeway


Black leaders are calling for a federal investigation in the beating of a homeless Black woman by a California Highway Patrol officer. The incident, which took place on the side of the 10 freeway, was videotaped by a witness passing by. Share

Racist or Not Racist? Black nurses not being allowed to take care of white patients


According to, four black nurses are suing their nursing company because they say black nurses are not being sent to take care of white patients. In their lawsuit the nurses claim that this is a violation of their civil rights. Read the full story here at In my humble opinion, I think it [...]

RACIST OR NOT RACIST? Michele Bachmann & Steve King Show Their True Racist Colors Talking About President Obama and Black Farmers

It’s sad to admit in America in 2011 but racists are alive and being paid to pass on their racist views. This video is old but I’m just seeing it (thanks to and I have to say it’s some of the most racist speech I’ve heard of late. It’s unbelievable that these people have [...]

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