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Time to Hook Black Women Up

Julianne Malveaux, PhD – By Senator Elect Doug Jones (D-AL) did not have to win his battle against accused sexual molester and Republican candidate Roy Moore in the epic battle in Alabama on December 12.  He won because young people, some white women (most of them voted for Moore), and an amazing effort from Alabama’s […]

Award-Winning Journalist Charlene Muhammad Highlights Achievements of Black Women in “Sisters On The Rise”

Urban League Movement Reflects on a Year of Empowering Americans through Jobs, Education, Financial Literacy and Health Care

By Marc Morial (To Be Equal #94) – “From your founding, amid the great migration, to the struggles of the civil rights movement, to the battles of today, the Urban League has been on the ground, in our communities, working quietly — day in, day out — without fanfare; opening up opportunity, rolling back inequality, […]

President Obama Endorses Mayor Mitch Landrieu for Re-election

H is for Hypocrisy

The flag is NOT to be displayed on the horizontal yet the fake news about #takeaknee being disrespectful to it is consonantal Nor worn as apparel or carried as a purse yet theses Right Wingers do that to it and worse They call themselves Fiscal Conservatives and say on that you can bet but, want […]

Democratic Hurricane – By Lucius Gantt

(The Gantt Report) – People like the Koch Brothers, Mercers, Adelsons and other corporate and business giants that contribute millions and billions of dollars to political campaigns should not have to be in a hurricane to see which way America’s political winds are blowing. Democratic Party candidates showed out in recent elections and dominated both […]

Why Hillary Clinton Will do More for Black People than Obama – By Michael Eric Dyson

Gone But Not Forgotten – By Hussein Hill

Congress can’t fix the homelessness and hunger problems of our US Vets but can spend 20 Billion dollars on new jets There is always money for new toys for those Pentagon boys Only 6% of the F-35’s can even fly but, I don’t see Trump asking why? He is too busy tweeting about #takeaknee and […]