Letter Urges AFSCME President, Lee Saunders, Not to Punish Struggling HBCU Students Due to Opposing Political Views with the Koch Brothers

Felicia Headshot (280x350)

The letter below was written in response to articles on TheRoot.com and The Washington Post about the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) accepting money from companies owned by the infamous Koch brothers. It appears that The Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries made a $25 million donation to UNCF. Of course, UNCF accepted the contribution [...]

Republicans’ Selective Memory on Executive Order


By George E. Curry, NNPA Columnist (BlackPressUSA.com) – To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, arguably the most overrated U.S. president in history, there they go again. They, of course, are Republicans in the House of Representatives. And they are going after President Obama yet again, this time over his use of executive orders, presidential directives that have [...]

Let’s Apply Affirmative Action Based on Present-Day Segregation, Not Race


Sheryll Cashin, TheRoot.com – Despite suggestions to the contrary, Place, Not Race is about finding the best ways for affirmative action programs in admissions to aid students who still face segregation. In his recent case for reparations, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates offers this startling fact: “Black families making $100,000 typically live in the kinds of [...]

Hip Hop Corner: A Challenge for the Hip Hop Generation


By Jineea Butler, NNPA Columnist – Lately, Hip Hop news has been fueled with beef and rants of all kinds. Meek Mill is beefing with Wale because Wale wasn’t supporting Mill’s current project enough on social media, Dame Dash is blaming Lyor Cohen for the downfall of Rocafella Records, Lil Wayne thanks the world for [...]

The Congressional Black Caucus Has No Conscience


By Raynard Jackson, NNPA Columnist- The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) describes itself as “the conscience of the U.S. Congress.” According to the dictionary, conscience is the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives. Notice that the root of the word conscience is the word “con,” which is exactly what [...]

Fake Heroes – The Gantt Report

Lucius Gantt

By Lucius Gantt -One reason The Gantt Report is different from most columns is that I don’t parrot other editorial writers. I don’t read columns by other writers, then comment about them and then pretend to you that I was influenced by some other writers. I mostly read history or facts. I like non-fiction. In [...]

The Cat is not Enough – by Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report – I want to thank all of the fans, followers, supporters and readers of The Gantt Report but I want you to know that I didn’t start my media career as an editorial columnist. I began my career long, long ago in the Production Department at WSB-TV, a prominent Atlanta television station. [...]

You Can’t Go Back – by Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report – It’s 2014, a new year, a new day and a new time No matter how much you loved the previous year, this year will be different. No matter how much you enjoyed 2013, this year will not be the same. No matter how much you want to replicate, relive it or [...]

Black Women’s Roundtable Statement on Historic Senate Filibuster Reform

Melanie L. Campbell speaking during a Black Women's Roundtable briefing at The White House

Washington, DC – Melanie L. Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic and convener of Black Women’s Roundtable, today issued the following statement regarding the change to Senate filibuster rules on behalf of The Black Women’s Roundtable: “Today the U. S. Senate took a bold and much needed step to end [...]

From Rock Hard Tator Tots to Salad Bars, It’s National School Lunch Week and the Lunch Tray has come a Long Way

Monifa Bandele

by Monifa Bandele, Senior Campaign Director MomsRising.org – Remember leg warmers and when ketchup was a vegetable? Is it just me or have the 80′s been making a comeback? I can’t get the sound of my kids singing Another one Bites the Dust in the car on the way to school out of my head. [...]

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