Occupy Movement Looks Like Civil Rights Movement – by Dwayne West


Look what’s come from the Civil Rights Movement: community leaders, congressional men and women, celebrated pastors of mega churches, big money lobbyists and multimillion dollar businessmen, not to mention tens of thousands of corporate executives who have gone on to operate some of America’s most prominent companies. We must salute and honor the occupiers for [...]

Inspiring and Positive New Leadership by C. D. West

Carl DeWayne West

My first experience at the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend was one I will always remember even if I never go back. But based on my business dealings, I will definitely attend another caucus at some point, but it want be next year. I think my hustling spirit and ambitions did enough this past trip to [...]

The Miseducation of an American Treasure – By Carl D. West

Carl DeWayne West

After having some extended conversations and looking at the REAL life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr over the last few weeks, and not the commercial version of this incredibly gifted, thoughtful, compassionate, concerned and giving soul of a man, I’ve come to some serious conclusions about America and my people (Black people). America or [...]

STOP the HYPE, we GOOD! – violence in urban communities

Carl DeWayne West

By C. DeWayne West (TBTNewsService.com) – I, like all of Americans have been bombarded with images and editorials on violence in urban communities all across this country. And lately the spot light has been brightly shining on Chicago’s over-hyped crime spree. The daily papers, the networks and cable news organizations are cashing in on sensationalized [...]

Has Hip Hop Changed Race Relations in America?

Carl DeWayne West

By Dwayne West (TBTNews Service) – Hip hop mogul Jay – Z (Shaun Carter) and urban spokesperson for President Barack Obama, recently stated that hip hop culture has done more for race relations in America the last 30 years than any other individual, genre or movement. And I concur! This of course will disturb some [...]

Pimping Ain’t Easy, But its Happening to All of Us!

Carl DeWayne West

By Carl D. West – Take a survey and ask so-called job creators, the riches ten percent of this country if they wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes to help stir-up the pot and contribute to easing the burden and strain on the bottom half of the country. It’s just that simple, so why do [...]

Sagging Pants vs. Cleavage n Booty Shorts

Carl DeWayne West

By Carl DeWayne West – First let me start by attempting to defend the men who show their underwear while strolling down the street. What’s the difference than a huge billboard posted on the highway downtown showing men’s bulge and a women’s crotch in ads for underwear? Are what’s the differences with men and women [...]

Is Revenge the Answer?

Carl DeWayne West

By Carl DeWayne West (TBT News Service) – First, let me be one of the millions of well wishers thanking President Barack Obama for putting an end to a horrible chapter in America during my lifetime. I salute him and his decorated team of advisors. I’d like to especially thank our military that executed a [...]

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