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Democratic Hurricane – By Lucius Gantt

(The Gantt Report) – People like the Koch Brothers, Mercers, Adelsons and other corporate and business giants that contribute millions and billions of dollars to political campaigns should not have to be in a hurricane to see which way America’s political winds are blowing. Democratic Party candidates showed out in recent elections and dominated both […]

Newsone.com Exclusive: Black Scholar Explains Why African-Americans Should Vote Republican

Wonder Women – The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt – Devilish Donald Trump and his seemingly wicked and deceitful Chief of Staff former General John Kelly has spent over a week criticizing and trying to defame my friend Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and the family of Sgt. La David Johnson. Instead of explaining how and why Johnson and three other soldiers were […]

Stellar Award Winner Casey J Continues at #1 On Billboard and Debuts New Music Video

Shaking the Black Head

By Lucius Gantt (The Gantt) – Shout out to all of the media professionals speaking out about how they feel White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to a briefing question posed by April Ryan, the Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks. Ryan is an African American reporter and the Sisters went off […]

The Political Messenger – By Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report – If you don’t believe African American voters have been sold some political snake oil, it will be crystal clear during the term of President elect Donald Trump! So called Negroes have told you election after election that our future, our progress and our hope was based on our blind support of […]

Author of Brown is the New White, Steve Phillips, Urges Democrats and Progressives to Mobilize Voters of Color or Fall Into the #TrumpTrap

Deplorable In Chief

By Lucius Gantt (The Gantt Report) – It’s 2016, late October and only days before Americans go to the polls to elect a new Deplorable in Chief or the President of the United States! The names have changed and, in the case of the Democratic nominee, the gender has changed but the pre-election status and […]

Donald Trump for President?

Murder in Black and Blue

By Lucius Gantt (The Gantt Report) – The Gantt Report extends both sympathy and condolences to the civilians and policemen that were recent victims of murder in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. It doesn’t matter how you were killed or who killed you, murder is murder and murder is wrong! When situations arise that involve race […]

#EricGarner and #MikeBrown: Deaths Without Indictments #ICantBreathe #HandsUpDontShoot