The Failing Promise of Public Education

Joseph C. Phillips

By Joseph C. Phillips – We, the American public, hold it as an article of faith that those responsible for devising and implementing public policy have our best interests at heart. Our best minds are hard at work, striving to make the world a better place. Our elected officials are dedicated to protecting our freedoms, [...]

Fed-Up With The Transportation Safety Administration – Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips

I arrived at the Los Angeles Airport more than an hour early.  I had made good time on the highway.  I wasn’t checking any bags, so with my boarding pass in hand I proceeded to the gate.  I was greeted with a security line that was almost an hour long.  The line snaked around the [...]

Social Security Reform: The New Radicalism

Joseph C. Phillips

by Joseph C. Phillips – There is, perhaps, no better testament to how far this nation has drifted from the principles of individual liberty, free markets, and private property than that those proponents of real reform of the Social Security system are now looked upon as radicals. Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), running for [...]

GOP Resurgence: What’s a Cynic to Do?

Joseph C. Phillips

by Joseph C. Phillips – While listening to music on my I-phone, I began to contemplate the upcoming mid-term elections. The rock band, The Who sang: “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution/Take a bow for the new revolution/Smile and grin at the change all around me/Pick up my guitar and play/Just like yesterday/And [...]

Humorless Muslims and Annoying Christians

Joseph C. Phillips

by Joseph C. Phillips – I am curious to see what happens when President Obama invites Molly Norris to the White House for a beer. Oh, Wait…Molly Norris can’t go to the White House for beer because Molly Norris no longer exists; any trace of her has been wiped clean. Norris, a Seattle cartoonist, was [...]

The Absurdity of the Racialist Playbook

Joseph C. Phillips

by Joseph C. Phillips – The absurdity of race continues to rear its ugly head and once again, the succubus appears in Mississippi. The folks in the Magnolia state can’t seem to get it right on race even when they use the liberal racialist play book. A few weeks ago the Nettleton Middle school in [...]

Is America Only for White People?

Joseph C. Phillips

by Joseph C. Phillips – Is America only for white people? The question stuck in my mind following yet another e-mail exchange with a friend of mine, regarding my conservatism. For this particular gentleman, being black in America is at odds with conservatism. As he put it: “…Particularly as African-Americans, I feel we are in [...]

Tolerance and the Mosque near WTC site

Joseph C. Phillips

J.C. Phillips – I am fascinated that the same people who have been able to find a Constitutional right to government control of education, healthcare, and the energy industry are unable to divine from that same document any rational basis for the government to prevent a mosque from being built on Ground Zero. Of course, [...]

Clarity and the New Black Panther Party

Joseph C. Phillips

In its coverage of the Philadelphia voter intimidation case, conservative media has unfortunately chosen sensationalism over clarity. There are layers to this case to be explored that might highlight the idealism of the right and expose the pessimism of the left. Unfortunately, those layers of exploration are not as sexy as the continuous video loop [...]

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