An Equation for Disaster: Black Youth + Poverty – Jobs = Screwed


By Deven D. Anderson, Black Youth Vote! – It’s a critical time in America. The recession has been tough, especially for young black American’s who are faced with bleak job prospects, exorbitant student loans and overwhelming hopelessness. With and unemployment rate for young black males over 18 percent, young black men are still hemorrhaging and [...]

The Misconception of Justice: Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Deven D. Anderson (left)

What was known to me as the world’s most elusive game of “Hide and Seek” has now come to an end. On Sunday May 1st, President Barack Obama declared “Osama Bin Laden a murderer of thousands is dead” as people here and abroad began to celebrate the death of the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist [...]

Misplaced Priorities in the Age of Carnival Barkers

Deven D. Anderson (left)

By Deven D. Anderson – Yes, it is true President Barack Obama was born here in the United States of America. Shall I repeat for those who didn’t hear it for the first, second, or fifty-leventh time? This morning President Barack Obama confirmed and presented evidence to solve one of the greatest mysteries in American [...]

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