Obama’s big bet on blacks is key to 2012 victory

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson (The Grio.com) – The one thing that sets off the loudest bells and whistles at the White House is any hint of a diminution in the bedrock support of black voters for President Obama’s re-election bid in 2012. The dreaded faint tingling happened when Gallup recently released a poll that showed [...]

Fraudulent Birther Controversy Trump’s Only Presidential Trump

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – Real Estate tycoon Donald Trump’s talk about a presidential bid is take your pick: a bad joke, a cheap publicity stunt, or the delusional raving of a guy with too much money, too much ego, and way too much time on his hands to stroke both. But Trump did manage [...]

Why So Many White Men Still Don’t Like President Obama

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – The latest Pew Research Center survey found a lot of things that should cheer President Obama. Voter anger against government even among those that identify as Tea Party backers is down, the Wisconsin union standoff hasn’t stirred any widespread anti-labor backlash, and there’s more tolerance than ever for same sex [...]

Why the GOP Declared Open Season on Michelle

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – Former Arkansas Governor and almost certain 2012 presidential contender Mike Huckabee recently told reporters that attacks from Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and an armada of others in the GOP on Michelle Obama were silly, foolish, and counter-productive. Huckabee’s push-back at the Michelle bashers was as noble as it was futile. [...]

Why Carville Won’t Apologize to Obama for his Balls Crack

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – Not surprisingly the always dependable controversial quotable especially when it come to knocking President Obama Democratic strategist James Carville was petulant and defiant when asked whether he’d apologize for his latest Obama wisecrack. The dig was Carville’s supposedly play on an old joke when he cracked that Hillary Clinton should [...]

Surely, No One Should Be Surprised That Palin Plays the Race Card

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – The advance PR flacks for HarperCollins knew exactly what they were doing when they calculatedly leaked a provocative passage from Sara Palin’s newest ego stroke book, America by Heart. The passage incited race. This time the target is not President Obama, at least not directly. It is First Lady Michelle [...]

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