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Statement on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Felicia Davis – More than a decade ago I wrote that, African Americans are disproportionately affected by power plant emissions because we are concentrated in large urban centers, suffer higher rates of asthma and share a historical bond with the developing world where climate change threatens already weak and overburdened economies. From this perspective, power […]

Senate Passes Black Farmer Lawsuit Legislation

#Ferguson and Gaza-Awakening a Sleeping Giant?

By Felicia M Davis (@feliciamdavis or fmd@dogonvillage.com )-Last night I went to sleep pleased that my daughter, a mature Howard University student, traveled to Ferguson to stand for justice. She arrived safely with four friends and attended what she referred to as the usual “Negro Church Rally”—talking, singing then marching. Later that night, and long […]

Letter Urges AFSCME President, Lee Saunders, Not to Punish Struggling HBCU Students Due to Opposing Political Views with the Koch Brothers

The letter below was written in response to articles on TheRoot.com and The Washington Post about the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) accepting money from companies owned by the infamous Koch brothers. It appears that The Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries made a $25 million donation to UNCF. Of course, UNCF accepted the contribution […]

As we prepare for the unveiling of MLK Monument it’s time to answer Dr. King’s final interrogatory: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Felicia Davis – The first national monument to a descendent of former slaves, human rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., will stand between two iconic memorials, founding father and slave owner Thomas Jefferson and slave emancipator Abraham Lincoln. As we prepare for the August 28th unveiling it is time that we answer Dr. […]

Raising the Deby Ceiling…

By Felicia Davis – When the Senate Majority Leader walks out of a meeting with the President of the United States, especially with the economic future of our nation on the line, it should be considered an act of treason. Republican leadership is more confused and infantile than their tea party neophytes. After driving the […]

Dump Trump

Donald Trump is busy playing to the right-wing base of Republican Party by seeking to undermine the President in the vilest manner. It is time to turn from Celebrity Apprentice in a show of solidarity with our troops and the President of the United States of American. No matter how much we like watching NeeNee, […]