The Carter G. Woodson Legacy


By Julianne Malveaux – The racial differential in the poverty rate is staggering. Last time I checked, about 12 percent people in the United States, one in eight people are poor. Depending on race and ethnicity, however, poverty is differently experienced. Fewer than one in ten whites are poor, more than one in four African [...]

Breathing Life into a Movement


By Julianne Malveaux, NNPA Columnist – “I can’t breathe,” gasped Eric Garner, again and again and again. “I can’t breathe,” he said, as several police officers were on top of him, choking him, pushing his head onto the concrete sidewalk. The man was not resisting arrest; he simply had the temerity to ask a police [...]

Don’t Believe The Hype! It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – by Julianne Malveaux


TriceEdney Wire – In late September the “nonpartisan” website Real Clear Politics reported that President Obama leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney is several battleground states. According to the polls, President Obama leads by 5.2 percent in Ohio, 4.5 percent in Virginia, 4.2 percent in Nevada, 4 percent in Iowa, and 3 percent in Florida. Do [...]

We are all Trayvon Martin by Julianne Malveaux


I have two nephews that I love with an amazing passion. Anyi, 28, is a Los Angeles based comedian, who kinda looks like me and acts like me. He is my absolute escort of choice when I am in Southern California. Armand, 25, is an Oakland-based aspiring writer, and a 2008 graduate of University of [...]

African Americans Lose, White Others Gain – by Julianne Malveaux


The unemployment rate is falling for the third month in a row, and in December about 200,000 private sector jobs were created. The monthly unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that unemployment has declined by six tenths of a percentage point since August. Already, some economists are saying we can expect another [...]

Robert Champion: Drum Major for Change – By Julianne Malveaux


( – Most parents of college students look forward to December, when their students come home for the holidays. Some are so excited to see their offspring home that they actually come to their colleges to pick them up. Others prepare special treats and goodies as an antidote to the oft complained about cafeteria food. [...]

Did So-called Black Friday Trump Thanksgiving? – by Julianne Malveaux


First of all, I never understood why they called it “Black” Friday. I never saw any red, black and green adorning the shopping mall sales. Yes, I know that theoretically this is the day that puts stores in the black, out of the red they’ve been managing all year. Nearly 40 percent of jewelry sales [...]

Much Ado About Nuttin’ – by Dr. Julianne Malveaux


In the wake of President Obama’s address to the Congressional Black Caucus, there are those who are making much ado about nothing, including the accusation that, by dropping his “g’s” the President was talking down to African Americans. Can this President kindly get a break! He is accused of distancing himself from the African-American community, [...]

Poverty on the rise as leaders fuss and fume – by Dr. Julianne Malveaux


The fall of the Roman Empire is best captured in the phrase that “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” Set on pursuing his own pleasures and indulgences, Nero could not see the walls crumbling around him. Similarly, our leaders seem oblivious to the walls crashing in on us, bickering about the way that relief on our [...]

Jobs Bill a Step in Right Direction – By Dr. Julianne Malveaux


I was among the millions who eagerly looked forward to President Obama’s speech on jobs last week, among the millions who hoped our President would finally get his arms around the issue that plagues millions of Americans. The official unemployment rates, after all, are nothing more than a pleasant fiction. The 9.1 percent unemployment rate [...]

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