Micro-Targeting the Heartland – Analyzing Ohio’s Voters and Making Final Four Predictions


by Kirk Clay – I have to admit, I love it when the March Madness season comes around. There is something about completing bracket sheets for both the Women’s and Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments and developing a strategy for my favorite teams to go all the way. The best part is identifying all of the [...]

We Need Cooperation, Not Polarization – by Kirk Clay


As Super Tuesday becomes the focal point of this election season and speculation continues over whether the GOP will have a clear front runner by next Wednesday, my attention turns toward Georgia. Not because of the obvious reasons, but because of what the proverbial “Promised Land” represents for Voters of Color (VOC). Although 2010 census [...]

Political Geography May Impact Presidential Race – by Kirk Clay


While in Atlanta to speak on civil rights strategies for redistricting I visited friends who work in the hip-hop community. We began to talk about the implications that the dramatic population shifts will have on voting patterns in 2012. I cited the fact that based on the Census 2010 data confirmed that it is possible [...]

Gridlock in Congress Enables Continuation of Racially and Economically Biased Education Initiatives By Kirk Clay

Kirk Clay

Washington, DC – This week the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce held yet another hearing about the No Child Left Behind Act. As Congress continues their never-ending debate about the perils of NCLB, two education initiatives that disproportionately and negatively impact the poor and people of color, are about to be overlooked [...]

PAY ATTENTION: Redistricting Strategies Impact Local and National Elections

Kirk Clay

By Kirk Clay and Madura Wijewardena – State houses, city councils and many other institutions across America are now engaged in an endeavor that has occurred every decade since the nation’s founding — they will decide how electoral boundaries will be drawn based on where people live. These decisions will have a major impact on [...]

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