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Black Women Vote in Higher Numbers Than Any Other Demographic

By Bonnie Petrie, WUWM – Glynda Carr of Higher Heights for America says that shouldn’t be surprising. Black women have a long tradition of political activism, she says, “From Harriet Tubman who walked so that Sojourner Truth could stand and say, ‘Ain’t I a woman,’ to Fannie Lou Hamer who was able to say, ‘I’m […]

Gilbane Building Company Appoints Linda Graves as Vice President of Diversity and Community Affairs

The Racism Behind Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Talk

By Lincoln Blades Rolling Stone – During Donald Trump’s closing remarks at last week’s debate – an event noteworthy for Trump’s refusal to say he’d accept the results of the election if he loses – the Republican nominee made his case to minority voters. “Our inner cities are a disaster. You get shot walking to […]

VIDEO: Donald Trump Speaks On How Much He “Respects” Women

Power of the Sister Vote National Voter Crusade Launches As Polls Open in Georgia

Atlanta, GA – As early voting started in Georgia Monday Oct. 17, civil and women’s rights organizations launched an aggressive four week long get-out-the-vote mobilization initiative urging women to vote early or on Nov. 8, 2016. Black women leaders from across the state of Georgia have joined together to organize the first stop of the […]

Award-Winning Journalist Charlene Muhammad Highlights Achievements of Black Women in “Sisters On The Rise”

Four Women Accuse Trump of Inappropriately Touching Them Years Apart: Reports

by Alex Johnson, NBC News Four women accused Donald Trump in articles published Wednesday of having touched them in an inappropriate manner, adding to the growing list of women who say Trump has insensitively treated them as objects over several decades. The New York Times quoted two women as describing public encounters during which Trump […]

Erik Paulsen & Donald Trump: A Timeline in Cowardice

Erik Paulsen & Donald Trump: A Timeline in Cowardice

At the presidential debate, Donald Trump was forced to acknowledge that he bragged on tape about sexually assaulting women. At long last, Minnesota Congressman Erik Paulsen finally denounced Donald Trump for president – a “political calculation” that’s being acknowledged for what it is: an act of self-preservation that is frankly too little, too late. At […]

How Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice highlighted Donald Trump’s problems with women and race

DCCC Releases New National Poll: House Republicans Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t

Regardless of Whether House GOP Withdraw or Maintain Trump Support Since Video – Voters View It as Political, Too Little & Too Late A new national poll conducted by Global Strategy Group for the DCCC confirms that voters will hold House Republicans accountable for Donald Trump’s behavior and their inability to stand up to him […]

Vivica A. Fox to Host 2016 DNC Watch Party Celebrating the Black Vote

GOP and House Speaker Paul Ryan Should Say It’s Not Okay to Assault Women

According to the Washington Post, in a phone call Monday morning, disgusted by Donald Trumps coments about assaulting women, House Speaker Paul Ryan told GOP members he will not defend Donald Trump instead he will work on preserving the House Republican majority. If Paul Ryan does not have the integrity to un-endorse a man who […]

Hobbs’ Monday Musings: Osama Bin Laden is Killed/Royal Wedding and a Funeral/Obama tours Alabama