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Beyoncé Gets Gangsta with her Haters, Selling “Boycott Beyoncé” Merchandise at Concerts

It looks like Beyonce is more gangsta than Jay Z. I guess she found a way to kill two birds with one clothing line. She’s no the new leader behind the “Boycott Beyoncé” movement. She’s making money whild sending a clear message to her haters that if they don’t like her the messages in her […]

The Continuing Problem of Police-Black Community Relations

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson Earns Only 3,000 votes in Baltimore Mayoral Primary

By Jason Silverstein (NY Daily News) – Turns out 340,000 Twitter followers don’t translate well into votes. DeRay Mckesson, one of the leading Black Lives Matter activities on social media, faced a crushing defeat Tuesday in the Baltimore mayoral race — scoring just 2.5% of the Democratic primary vote and finishing sixth. Mckesson, who has […]

Old fight, New dance: Black Lives Matter Pole Dance Performance Video Tribute

National Action Network Applauds President Obama’s Efforts to Make Re-Entry Easier

Washington, DC – National Action Network released the following statement applauding President Obama for his latest efforts in making re-entry easier for those who have been recently incarcerated and designating April 24-30, 2016, as National Re-entry Week. “National Re-entry Week puts much-needed awareness on how removing barriers to successful reentry is an essential part of […]

How Herman Cain Could Take Out Obama – by Maze Jackson

President Obama Urges Black Lives Matter Protesters to Move Beyond Yelling and Engage if they Want Change

(The Daily Mail) – ‘You can’t just keep on yelling’: President Obama calls out Black Lives Matter activists and urges them to engage in meaningful debate President Obama sends message to Black Lives Matter activists “You can’t just keep on yelling,” and urges them to engage in meaningful debate during a youth town hall event […]

Mother Jailed for Enrolling Her Children in Good Schools

The Pragmatic Tradition of African-American Voters

(New York Magazine)African-American support for Hillary Clinton asserted itself again in Wisconsin and accounts for her firm command of the Democratic primary. It is likewise the source of befuddlement and consternation among Bernie Sanders’s supporters. Sanders has energetically promoted racial justice and attracted numerous high-profile black surrogates, all of whom earnestly see his brand of […]

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Statement on Grand Jury Decision in Sandra Bland Case

Kasich: Can LGBT People ‘For A Second, Get Over It’ If They Feel They Are Being Discriminated Against

Edrea Davis – I was a Kasich fan. Operative word, “was.” It’s very White of him to say if you feel like you’re being discriminated against, “get over it”… seriously? I can’t believe this is coming from the mouth of a man running for president. If we use Gov. Kasich’s approach Black Americans would still […]

AIDS Drugs Offer Major Breakthrough in Fight Against Spread of HIV/AIDS But Cultural Determinants Still Crucial Within the Black Community

Clinton and Trump Hope N.Y. Primary Cements their Front-Runner Status

New York, NY (Washington Post) — The most raucous nominating contest of an already acrimonious season drew to a close Monday with a flurry of retail politicking in New York that appeared likely to strengthen the trajectory of the two front- runners. Democrat Hillary Clinton spent the day reaching out to New Yorkers one handshake […]

Ready for Hillary Names Quentin James as Black Americans Director

Supreme Court Appears Divided on Obama’s Immigration Plan

Washington, DC (NYTimes.com) — The Supreme Court on Monday seemed sharply divided during an extended argument over a challenge to President Obama’s plan that would shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and allow them to work in the country legally. A 4-4 deadlock seemed a real possibility, one that would leave in place an […]

Rahm Emanuel to End Controversial Tenure as White House Chief of Staff