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Unable to Support ‘Misogynist’ Trump, Young Republicans National Federation Communications Chair, Katrina Elaine Jorgensen, Resigns

What a refreshing experience to read about a young lady, Katrina Elaine Jorgensen, with principles and values that she stands by. She knows the difference between right and wrong and decided to stand on the right side of history as it relates to supporting Trump. With young people like her out there I feel confident […]

Do Black Votes Matter to Donald Trump?

Supporters Say Bernie Sanders is Extinguishing “the Bern” by Constantly Playing the Victim

By Joan Walsh (TheNation.com)- It’s been five days since the conflagration at the Nevada State Democratic Convention, and the embers are still burning. Much of it has singed Senator Bernie Sanders. The intimidation of speakers and the misogynist death threats against party chair Roberta Lange have led to a wave of critical pieces by Bernie […]

2016 Democratic National Convention Watch Party Hosted By Vivica A. Fox – Save The Date

Donald Trump is Becoming Wall Street’s Best Friend

By Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance -…..But now, Donald Trump seems to be evolving his way into Wall Street’s favor. He recently hired a former Goldman Sachs banker to head his fundraising effort, including outreach to billionaire hedge-fund managers. Trump formalized a plan with the Republican National Committee to raise large sums from donors able to […]

Sarah Palin’s rambling, remarkable and at-times hard to understand endorsement of Donald Trump

Black Youth Vote Decreasing Despite Increase in Protests and Activism

By Vanessa Williams and Scott Clement, (Washington Post) – The generation of African Americans pushing criminal-justice issues and institutional racism to the forefront of the presidential election had little effect at the ballot box during this primary season, according to an analysis of exit polling across 25 states. African Americans account for a larger share […]

Obama Administration rather silent on economic discrimination

Trump Campaign Claims Selection of White Nationalist Leader as a California Delegate was a Database Error

By Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones – On Monday evening, California’s secretary of state published a list of delegates chosen by the Trump campaign for the upcoming Republican presidential primary in the state. Trump’s slate includes William Johnson, one of the country’s most prominent white nationalists. [Update: Responding to this story late Tuesday, the Trump campaign […]

Donald Trump and the GOP is Struggling to Attract More Black Voters than Mitt Romney Received – Zero Percent

Forbes Contributor John Zogby Says Trump Win is Possible Even Though He Has Alienated Large Swaths of Voters

(Forbes.com) – By any objective and traditional standard, there should no way that Donald Trump should be able to win the presidency in November. He has alienated large swaths of voters and, while some of these key groups (women, non-whites, Muslims, Latinos) would probably not be voting for a GOP candidate anyway, he could actually […]

President Obama Mentors Stephen Curry and Helps Him with a Science Project and His Jump Shot

President of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore, Breaks the Silence on Donald Trump

“A White Church No More” by Russell Moore (NYTimes.com) – Years ago, members of a Southern Baptist church in suburban Birmingham, Ala., who couldn’t figure out why their church was in decline asked a friend of mine for advice. The area had been majority white during the violent years of Jim Crow. While civil rights […]

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win in New Hampshire Primary