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President Obama Urges Black Lives Matter Protesters to Move Beyond Yelling and Engage if they Want Change

(The Daily Mail) – ‘You can’t just keep on yelling’: President Obama calls out Black Lives Matter activists and urges them to engage in meaningful debate President Obama sends message to Black Lives Matter activists “You can’t just keep on yelling,” and urges them to engage in meaningful debate during a youth town hall event […]

Both Parties Must Come Together on a Budget that Cuts Wasteful Spending Without Sacrificing Investments in the Future

Beyonce’s Visual Album on HBO Called Celebration of Black Womanhood, Features Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Snippet of Malcolm X

(dailymail.co.uk) – Beyonce’s surprise new album features the bereaved mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown: Singer’s political overtures as she makes tracks available exclusively on husband Jay-Z’s Tidal Beyoncé’s much-anticipated album Lemonade aired on HBO Saturday The film featured appearances from the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, two young black men who […]

Justice Demanded in the Death of Trayvon Martin @NatUrbanLeague @ncbcp @greencampuses

Filmmakers Bobby Marvin Holmes and Justin Gladden Release “Free Young Blood,” a Documentary About the Mass Incarceration of Black Men

Baltimore, MD – Many consider young Black males to be under a state of emergency. The mass incarceration of Black males has become a growing concern and highly debated in many socio-political arenas. Yet, two important questions remain: What is the cause of it? and How do we stop it? Just two days before the […]

Baltimore: The Issues Behind the Uprising | #GRITtv

No Jail Time for Peter Liang, Ex-NYPD Officer Who Killed Unarmed Akai Gurley Because he Startled Him

By Aaron Katersky and Emily Shapiro (ABC.com)A former New York City police officer who shot an unarmed man to death won’t face any jail time after a judge today reduced his manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide. Peter Liang was 28 years old and 18 months out of the police academy when he was patrolling […]

Police Detain Brooklyn Councilman at West Indian Parade – Video

Statement by NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber on American Airline’s Decision to Remove Him from Plane

Durham, NC – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of North Carolina State Conference of NAACP Branches and the architect of the nationally acclaimed Moral Monday Movement, is fine. When short report was published this morning that he had been removed from a plane at the Washington, DC Airport last night, Rev. Barber’s friends […]

An Urgent Movement for Justice

Kasich: Can LGBT People ‘For A Second, Get Over It’ If They Feel They Are Being Discriminated Against

Edrea Davis – I was a Kasich fan. Operative word, “was.” It’s very White of him to say if you feel like you’re being discriminated against, “get over it”… seriously? I can’t believe this is coming from the mouth of a man running for president. If we use Gov. Kasich’s approach Black Americans would still […]

AG Holder says US election systems must be free of discrimination, attempts at political gain