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The news journal of Friends of Negro Spirituals
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Sam Edwards/Lyvonne Chrisman, Co-founders, Friends of Negro Spirituals 

Welcome to The Negro Spiritual, the news journal of Friends of Negro Spirituals, an organization whose founding was inspired by the music of the Moses Hogan Chorale.  Published in June and December of each year, it focuses on Negro Spirituals education, history, individuals, groups and activities related to Negro Spirituals. It contains articles whose aim is that of increasing interests in and knowledge about an irreplaceable form of music of our enslaved ancestors.

The objectives of The Negro Spiritual are consistent with those of Friends of Negro Spirituals, the objectives being:
  • To preserve, celebrate, and to improve through education the public's awareness and understanding of the body of Negro Spirituals and its history;
  • To study the origins, meanings, and historical values of the folk song;
  • To develop and to disseminate educational publications and to offer public forums, radio programs, and workshops, and
  • To educate the public about composers, writers, and other contributors to the preservation of the historic song and about the unknown Black slaves who created them.

The November issue of the Negro Spiritual is dedicated to the late Moses Hogan (1957-2003) and to the Moses Hogan Chorale.

We received the following greeting from the late Moses Hogan(1957-2003), New Orleans, Louisiana:
Lyvonne Chrisman


It is with great appreciation that I express my gratitude for your efforts to preserve the Negro Spiritual.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sam Edwards and Ms. Lyvonne Chrisman following our concert in San Francisco last year. Mr. Edwards and Ms. Chrisman revealed that they are indeed sincere individuals with an intense love and zeal for the preservation, promotion and exposure of the spiritual to our society.

It is my understanding that The Friends of Negro Spirituals organization is playing a significant role in the promotion of our return to the Greater Bay Area at Stanford University on November 19, 1999 and at the Herbst Theater on November 20, 1999.

On behalf of the membership of The Moses Hogan Chorale, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your spirit of collaboration in this project. As you know, the Herbst concert represents the final concert of the Chorale.

Please know my commitment to the preservation of the spiritual is eternal and I will continue my work through my new organization, The Moses Hogan Vocal and Choral Society.

To know that my music inspired the formation of your organization is an honor above all honors, and I vow never to disappoint you.


Moses Hogan

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Volume 1, Issue 3 June 2000

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