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Democracy Initiative Endorsing Organizations Celebrate Passage of  Voting Rights Restoration in Maryland

Washington, DC – Today, the Maryland state Senate successfully overrode Gov. Larry Hogan’s 2015 veto of legislation (SB340 and HB 980) restoring voting rights to more than 40,000 Marylanders with significant majorities in the House of Delegates and Senate. Under the new law, Marylanders with felony convictions will be allowed to vote upon their release. Democracy […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are Going to War as She Tries to Protect her ‘Firewall’

Do Black Votes Matter to Donald Trump?

By David A. Graham (The Atlantic) – “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” So Donald Trump claimed back in 2011. But his bravado induces renewed skepticism this week. Last Wednesday, Trump announced that he’d hold a press conference on Monday to announce his endorsement by […]

Jussie Smollett’s Compelling Commentary on the State of the U.S.A – F.U.W.

Old fight, New dance: Black Lives Matter Pole Dance Performance Video Tribute

Los Angeles, CA – Dance has always been a catalyst for empowerment. As a powerful tool of artistic expression, its potency can liberate the viewer and incite change. After being bombarded with news and images per the recent upsurge in senseless killings, from Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner to Sandra Bland, Mia Shanté knew she […]

A Conversation With Police on Race – NY Times Op Doc

Inside Ferguson Author Devin S. James Urges Leaders to Acknowledge Systemic Racism and Listen to the Voice of the Community

Ferguson, MO – Despite angry protests and national outcry after the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown, Jr., a year ago Aug. 9, the police shootings of Black citizens and ensuing uprisings continue to occur across the country. Diversity expert and author, Devin S. James, warns the tragedies and conflict will continue until government leaders […]