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Extending the Legacy of the Colored Girls in This Election

In the heat of the Democratic primary, the Black girls at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters huddled in the corner of the office to hear from a very special guest. Reverend Leah Daughtry, the two time CEO of the Democratic National Convention, was a new face and name to many of the young Black women currently […]

Video Proves Hillary Clinton’s Claim that Trumps Divisive Words Are Used in Terrorist Recruitment Videos

DCCC Releases New National Poll: House Republicans Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t

Regardless of Whether House GOP Withdraw or Maintain Trump Support Since Video – Voters View It as Political, Too Little & Too Late A new national poll conducted by Global Strategy Group for the DCCC confirms that voters will hold House Republicans accountable for Donald Trump’s behavior and their inability to stand up to him […]

Clinton In Commanding Lead Over Trump Among Young Voters, Harvard Youth Poll Finds

NCBCP Black Youth Vote Convenes over 400 Black Men and Boys on Capitol Hill to Organize Around Moving From Protest to Policy to the Polls

Over 400 black men and boys attended the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s (NCBCP) Black Youth Vote (BYV) 2016 Day on Capitol Hill. Organizing around the theme, “Moving From Protest to Policy to the Polls,” the young men came together to strategize for the upcoming election and visited elected officials to discuss priority issues […]

Hillary Clinton Speaking in Flint

Black Youth Vote Decreasing Despite Increase in Protests and Activism

By Vanessa Williams and Scott Clement, (Washington Post) – The generation of African Americans pushing criminal-justice issues and institutional racism to the forefront of the presidential election had little effect at the ballot box during this primary season, according to an analysis of exit polling across 25 states. African Americans account for a larger share […]

Yo! Philly Votes Launched- Ushahidi-powered App Will Be Deployed on Election Day to Protect the Vote

Forbes Contributor John Zogby Says Trump Win is Possible Even Though He Has Alienated Large Swaths of Voters

(Forbes.com) – By any objective and traditional standard, there should no way that Donald Trump should be able to win the presidency in November. He has alienated large swaths of voters and, while some of these key groups (women, non-whites, Muslims, Latinos) would probably not be voting for a GOP candidate anyway, he could actually […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are Going to War as She Tries to Protect her ‘Firewall’

The Fight For Black Voters is On in the Democratic Presidential Race

By Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune – We’re at that point in the presidential primaries when the Democratic candidates rip each other apart over which of them will do the most for African-Americans. With the races in mostly white Iowa and New Hampshire behind them, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are turning their attention to Nevada […]

Politics Unfiltered: It’s getting ugly