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Recovered Crack Addict, Tonier Cain, Hopes Drug Treatment Success Stories Stop Senators From Making Drug Epidemic Worse

Annapolis, MD – During her 19-year crack addiction, Tonier Cain racked up 83 arrests and 66 convictions. She turned to prostitution to pay for drugs, lost custody of four children, and, when she wasn’t locked up, she slept under a bridge. Today, 12-years after completing treatment, Cain penned an open letter to the Senate Health […]

Tax Deform for Corporations and the Wealthy

What Has Obamacare Done For The Nation?

These infographics highlight findings of “Obamacare Reduces Racial Disparities in Coverage” and the blog post “Obamacare Delivers Health Insurance to Low-Income Whites.” To share on your social media networks, right-click on the images to save them on your computer. Thank you for spreading the word about how important the Affordable Care Act is for everyone!

Don’t Believe The Hype! It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – by Julianne Malveaux

“We the People” Does not mean “We the People”

By Lucius Gantt – Conservative news pundits and reactionary Tea Party Republicans are quick to say that voting results in the 2010 elections were a mandate and accordingly the people have spoken. Well, “the people” are not just the ten, twenty or thirty percent of registered voters that went to the polls to cast votes […]