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“Will Racism Ever End, Will I Ever Stop Being A ______?” New Utne Reader Cover Story by Kevin Powell

New York, NY — Award-winning writer, activist, and public speaker Kevin Powell is teaming with Utne Reader, the envelope-pushing progressive magazine and online space, around a series of blogs on race, gender, politics, and pop culture in America. The partnership comes on the heels of Powell’s critically acclaimed new autobiography, The Education of Kevin Powell: […]

NoVo Foundation to Invest $90 Million in Future of Women of Color

Why Hillary Clinton Will do More for Black People than Obama – By Michael Eric Dyson

(The New Republic) – There is good reason to be skeptical about Hillary Clinton and race. It’s never been anything explicit, necessarily, but she has sinned in the realm of signification, the place where innuendo and plausible deniability live. Let us start with her first presidential campaign in 2008, and the infamous “3 a.m. phone […]

President Obama’s Visit to Harlem Expected to Raise $1.5 Million

Video Interview with Hosts of Pool Party in McKinney, Tx Busted Up by a Gun Wielding Cop in a Frenzy

E Johnson (@ejohnsoniv on instagram @ejcreoleboy on twitter) interviews 19-year-old Tatiana and her mother — hosts of the now infamous pool party in McKinney, Tx — about what started the incident that led to the melee between teens attending the party and police responding to a call. Here’s the video of the melee that ensued […]

California Highway Patrol Officer Beats Woman on the Side of Freeway

Political Correctness Has Run Amok – CBS Atlanta Journalist Michelle Burdo Should Not be reprimanded for Using the Term “Colored”

Please, make it STOP! I can’t take another minute of the bickering about politically correct language. This time it appears that a journalist, Michelle Burdo, from CBS Atlanta slipped up and said she wasn’t “Colored” while doing a segment on natural hairstyles. Call the Feds… clearly it’s a plot by CBS to oppress Blacks/African Americans, […]