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The GOP’s Diversity Issues

By Chuck Hobbs – As Census results pour in, it is becoming clear that the nation’s largest minority, Hispanics, are registering in greater numbers as Democrats. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose wife, Columba, is Mexican, routinely implores Republican leaders to develop strategies to attract more Hispanic voters. Good luck. What Republicans have with respect […]

Who Let the Ducks Out?

By Julianne Malveaux – Congress convenes on Monday, November 15 for its lame-duck session. Some of the Democrats that will sit in the majority are not going to be coming back to Congress in January. Some of the Republicans, now in the minority, are licking their chops because they will occupy the majority in a […]

Voters Face A Taxing Problem

By Raynard Jackson – With a lame duck session of Congress convening next week, everyone is talking about whether the Bush tax cuts should be extended or allowed to expire at the end of this year. Republicans argue that if the cuts are allowed to expire, that amounts to a tax increase.& ontinue the cuts […]