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‘Underground’ Premiere Shatters Records as the Most-Watched Program in Nearly 18 Years on WGN America

Los Angeles, CA – On the heels of rave reviews, the premiere of WGN America’s critically acclaimed hit series “Underground” shattered records as the most-watched program in nearly 18 years on the network, since the Cubs vs. Cardinals game on 9/8/1998 where Mark McGwire famously hit his 62nd home run beating Roger Maris’s single season […]

Statement by NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber on American Airline’s Decision to Remove Him from Plane

Enslaved Blacks, Who Embrace the N-word Talk…

By H. Lewis Smith – The enslaved Black was stripped of his heritage so that no parts of his ingenious, dignified, self-reliant, culturally-aware and proud African background could influence his life in America. His personality, behavior, and self-image were re-shaped exclusively by the unique form of American slavery. This system of degradation birthed the exact […]

Wake up Black America, Time to Teach the TRUTH

By H. Lewis Smith – “Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed, no more BACKWARD thinking, time for thinking ahead…Wake up ALL the teachers, TIME to teach a new way. …When you teach the children, teach them the very best you can. The world won’t get no better—if we just let it be…WE got […]

Black in Latin America – Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Black in Latin America is the third of a trilogy that began in 1999 with the broadcast of Professor Gates’s first series for public television, Wonders of the African World, an exploration of the relationship between Africa and the New World, a story he continued in 2004 with America Beyond the Color Line, a report […]

In the Media Room with Tom Burrell

MG Media – Tom Burrell has been one of America’s leading innovators in the world of images, advertising and marketing. During the 80’s and 90’s his name sake firm, Burrell Communications was one of the top ad agency’s in the world producing ground breaking media plans that helped corporations sell tens of millions of dollars […]

Secession/Civil War Anniversary Celebrations Miss the Mark

By Chuck Hobbs, Esquire – December 20, 2010 marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s bold secession from the Union. Several weeks later, on January 10, 1861, Florida followed suit and became an independent entity for several weeks until early February, when it joined South Carolina and five other states to form the Confederate States […]