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A Senior White House Adviser is a Person of Interest, Washington Post Reports

Kudos to the Washington Post and The New York Times for their much-needed investigative reporting during this huge scandal. The Fourth Estate is proving to be an integral component to upholding Democracy. This most recent revelation is from a Washington Post article by Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky. They report that a senior White House […]

Morehouse President John Wilson Hopes for Productive Relationship With Trump Administration Despite Troubled Start

A Poll Shows Americans Like President Obama More Than His Predecessor, or Any of His Would-Be Successors

Washington, DC — As many in the United States hold their noses in the search for the next president, they’re increasingly warming to the one they already have. Buoyed by some good economic news and a surge of goodwill from his base, President Obama is seeing his approval rating rise. That puts Obama, who leaves […]

Black caucus’s jobs tour a message to Obama to do more

White House Makes its Case to Black Voters

by Joseph Williams (Politico.com) – Stung by summertime allegations that they neglected their bedrock African-American constituency, the White House and President Barack Obama’s reelection team have cranked up their outreach to black voters, selling the president’s first-term achievements as accomplishments that will pay long-term dividends for the black community. Top administration aides and Cabinet officials […]

White House: Here’s How American Jobs Act Will Help African Americans

By Kenneth Mallory (Politic365.com) On the heels of President Barack Obama’s speech to announce the $450 billion American Jobs Act, the White House gave specifics Friday on how the legislation would benefit African Americans, who have an unemployment rate of 16.7 percent. The roundtable with reporters included Danielle Gray, deputy director of the White House […]

Downgraded Yet Lifted Up!

By Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner – Can you believe it? America, the richest and most powerful nation on the face of the earth, was downgraded in its credit rating for the first time in its 235 years as a nation. What does it mean to be downgraded? It means a lack of confidence that America will […]